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Pleated Filter Cartridges: For Critical Processes

Critical Pleated Process Cartridge Filters ACCU-CLEAR™  
Pleated cartridges were developed to meet the process needs and throughput requirements of the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, electronics, chemical, and other critical industries. This high performance range of filter cartridges is constructed of pleated micro-fiberglass filter medium laminated to a non-woven polyester support.
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OMNI-CLEAR™ pleated cartridges are manufactured with advanced hydrophilic polyethersulfone membranes and all polypropylene components. The low protein binding nature of the filter membrane ensures suitability in many critical applications. The PES membrane provides sharp particle cut-offs and is compatible with a broad range of chemicals and pH extremes. OMNI-CLEAR cartridges provide reliable particle retention and enhanced throughput for superior performance in critical applications. OMNI-CLEAR cartridges are steam sterilizable and can withstand repeated autoclaving cycles.
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 pleated cartridges are manufactured with advanced hydrophilic, asymmetric polyethersulfone membranes and all polypropylene components. These expanded surface area, high flow, filter cartridges, constructed of pleated polyethersulfone membranes, provide absolute particle retention and long on-stream life cycles.
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OMNI-CLEAR™ HF Series extended surface area, high flow rate, filter cartridges, constructed of pleated polyethersulfone membranes, provide absolute particle retention and long on-stream life cycles. Quantative retention of 107 CFU/cm squared Brevundimonas diminuta ATCC 19146 per ASTM F838-05.
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OMNI-CLEAR™ SM Series filter cartridges are manufactured to conform to the stringent quality standards required by filters that come in contact with biologicals, pharmaceuticals, and other critical processes. The filter cartridges are non-toxic per ISO 10993-5 Elution Test and meet the requirements of USP 29 Biological Test for Plastics, Class VI, 121 C. A validation guide prepared specifically for manufacturers requiring product documentation as part of their qualification process is available.
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POLY-CLEAR™ filter cartridges deliver high efficiency and
consistent filtration of fluids in a wide range of critical applications. POLY-CLEAR filter cartridges are constructed of pleated melt blown filter media that provides absolute removal of particles from 0.6 to 50 m. The high surface area POLY-CLEAR filters ensure long service life and low initial pressure drops.
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Teflo-Clear™ pleated PTFE membrane cartridges are designed for the Bio-Pharm, Beverage, and Fine Chemical industries to provide secure, reliable filtration of gases and solvents. Teflo-Clear cartridges are constructed with high throughput, single layered PTFE membrane for high flow rates and are excellent for filtering solvents that would damage other membrane materials.
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Fischer-Robertson, Inc., has the application skills, experience, and total process filtration vision to incorporate these superior filtration products into an existing environment incorporating installed pumps, vessels, controls, etc., as well as the technical abilities to discuss your pump and control methods to ensure you optimize your filter expense which influences your production yield and costing values. Obviously, not all filtration suppliers are created equal, should you have an inquiry we would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate the service you should expect from a professional filtration team.

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