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PUROCEPT™ Series Filter Cartridges
 NEW from Purolator  Innovative multizone melt blown cartridges
Purolator Purocept Melt Blown Polypropylene Filter CartridgesPUROCEPT Series multi-zone depth filter cartridges provide high performance filtration of fluids in a wide range of applications. This series of high performance filter cartridges is manufactured with a proprietary microprocessor controlled process that creates a highly consistent product. The polypropylene materials of construction are chemically inert—allowing PUROCEPT cartridges to be used in a wide range of demanding applications.

Purolator’s proprietary PuroZone technology allows the creation of multiple zones within the depth of the filter cartridge. Each zone contains a matrix of declining diameter fibers. This multi-zone design produces a gradient pore structure, which thoroughly captures larger particles in the upstream layers of the filter while efficiently capturing smaller particles in the inner layers. Purolator has optimized each PUROCEPT filter grade to provide high efficiency filtration and mechanical strength.

  • Removal ratings from 0.5 to 30 m
  • Proprietary PuroZone technology allows the creation of multiple zones within the depth of the filter cartridge.
  • Continuous gradient structure provides effective prefiltration and final filtration.
  • Advanced microprocessor controlled process delivers an extremely consistent product.
  • Polypropylene materials of construction allow use in a wide range of demanding applications.
  • Cartridges are binder, adhesive and surfactant free.
  • Rinse up to 18 megohm-cm with a minimum amount of throughput.
  • Configurations available to retrofit most industry standards.

  • Bottled water, wine pre-filtration, wine final cellar filtration, beer filtration
    (trap filter), fruit juice, soft drinks, spirits, sugar solutions
  • Process water pre-filtration, hot water heating systems, cooling water,
    cooling towers
  • Solvents, water, paint, clear coat, inks, automotive coatings, industrial
    coatings, lacquers
  • Bulk chemical filtration, acrylates, alcohols, bleach, alkalis, acids,
    make-up water, sodium hypochlorite, titanium dioxide
  • Completion fluids, deep well injection, ammine filtration, acrylates
  • Machine coolants, plating solutions and chemicals, stripping solutions,
    anodizing, hydraulic press oil, aqueous parts washing
  • Mouthwash, lotions, soaps, water, mineral oils
  • Semiconductors, DI water, chemicals, copper recovery, photoresists,
    pre-RO, bulk chemical pre-filtration

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     PUROCEPT T Spec Sheet (90kb)



Purocept A


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Fischer-Robertson, Inc., has the application skills, experience, and total process filtration vision to incorporate these superior filtration products into an existing environment incorporating installed pumps, vessels, controls, etc., as well as the technical abilities to discuss your pump and control methods to ensure you optimize your filter expense which influences your production yield and costing values. Obviously, not all filtration suppliers are created equal, should you have an inquiry we would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate the service you should expect from a professional filtration team.

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